In amore veritas

“There is but one rule in my wood. Speak truth.”

–The Language of Thorns: Midnight Tales and Dangerous Magic (Leigh Bardugo)

I believe that words spoken or written with intent can also be spells. Words have power. You can wield them for good or for ruin. Since I saw the connection between the words we release and manifestation, I try to be more conscious and compassionate with my words because I do not want to use them to deliberately hurt someone else and regret it later. Because I know too well I have been guilty of unleashing unfiltered, cutting words upon those who I thought deserved them, to friends and family. M who has been at the receiving end, told me I may look sweet outside, but my words can be whiplash too–coming out of nowhere and cutting like a knife. It’s a shadow I need to be constantly conscious of and work on. I want my words to heal. I do not want to use them to intentionally hurt people I love because doing so hurts me too.

Lies, however, are on another league of their own. One way or another, a lie will come back to bite at you. There is enough injustice and suffering swirling around in the world already, I do not want to contribute to the madness and machinery of lies.

So I choose to be kinder with my words. I summon the courage within me and try to communicate as honestly as I can even when the truth hurts just by the telling, and even if the recipient rejects it. When that happens to you, don’t blame yourself. It’s not your fault. Honesty does not give you the power to control how others would react or respond. Ego thrives on control, and if you wanted that, it’s your ego you’re feeding. What honesty can give you is peace of mind. Understand that even when you bare your soul to another, and infuse your love and luminous energy into your words, some people simply aren’t ready to meet them at the same frequency. They may be facing battles you don’t know of, blocking them from accepting the gift of your words. Ultimately, we only believe what we choose to believe. And I respect that.

But that doesn’t stop me from speaking truths and communicating from my heart. I would rather speak and write from a place of love whenever I can for my own peace, and because I deserve the truth too. In amore veritas. There is truth in love. The last 3 words are my school’s motto–“Truth in love”. It’s not just a line I used to sing and recite before I went out into the world and found my way home again. I am a living testament to “Truth in love”. Truth in love is the essence of my soul.

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