What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

This question from Mary Oliver is something I find myself going back to more frequently since quarantine time began. Covid brought changes to everyone’s lives in ways and degrees we never would’ve predicted. There’s one truth we can get from it: The world as we knew it pre-Covid would never go back to the way it was. And when you look at it from a different perspective, maybe this was bound to happen–a painful but inevitable part of our collective journey. Maybe we all needed to wake up to finally see what we need to change for ourselves, for others, for the world. Maybe we all needed to learn our karmic lessons in a way that forces us to face every one of them instead of just ignoring and running away from them the way we used to before. I understand the gravity of suffering and chaos it has caused. And the despair of wanting to do more–to help others, to change the world, but there is only so much you can do on your own while also managing to survive and thrive. So I focus instead on what I can do for now. Just for today, this one moment that I can hold–whatever I can do to care for myself and for my loved ones. And in moments of consciously connecting with my peace within, I explore my own answer to Mary Oliver’s question. I let that be my guide for the moment, for the day.

Dear one, in moments when you are overwhelmed and feel like you are drowning in the sea of burdens of daily living in Covid time, stop yourself.

Sit down, close your eyes, and put your right hand over your heart. Take 3 deep breaths.
In and out.
In and out.
In and out.

Focus on the flow of your breath and the soothing rhythm of the rise and fall of your chest, the warmth of your hand over the spot where your heart resides. Take more deep breaths as long as you need to. When you are ready, ask yourself this question:

“What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Here is my own answer to the question:

🌻 Live with intention.
🌻 Be captivated with purpose.
🌻 Be guided by love and divine wisdom.
🌻 Sow kindness.
🌻 Shine my unique light.
🌻 Surrender to soul growth.
🌻 Enjoy the journey.

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