Rare Soul

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.” –Mulan (1998)

That’s the instinct. When you come across a pure thing, a rare soul–you don’t want them to change. You hope they won’t be changed and corrupted by the world. You may at some point, hurt them or leave your mark on them. You forget to see their worth. And yet, you would still want them to remain a constant, untainted. Isn’t that a bit selfish?

Journeying through this world, this lifetime, I realized I didn’t need that validation from anyone else. That’s one of the hardest lessons I have learned, a truth I have reclaimed from beyond the spiritual veil. I am now reacquainted with the essence of my soul–the beauty of its rarity and its blossoming in adversity. It took generations and lifetimes of alchemy to get to this purification. To transform my soul into a Philosopher’s Stone. And I am still exploring its infinite possibilities.

P.S. Dear Universe, thank you for all the hurt, the pain, and the lessons. Thank you for all the joy, the love, and the experiences. Thank you for sending me soul teachers in the form of family, friends, mentors, kindred souls, pets, a loved one. Yes, even the ones that hurt. Everything and everyone I met in this journey has only led me back home to growing and honoring my own soul. It is all worth it.

Image credit: Rui Xu @ Unsplash

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