Dear Heart,

Sometimes it gets tiring trying to keep the fire burning.

Sometimes it feels cruel to keep on loving with no tangible reassurance.

Sometimes you wish you were just like the others–anything but alone and vulnerable as you are.

It took you 33 years to learn that not everyone deserves your most precious authentic self.

Some people fear what it is they don’t understand–they don’t want the unknown messing up the status quo.

Not everyone can bask in your light and warmth.

Some people either want to devour it or to dull your shine.

Not everyone is worthy of your love, no matter how ready and willing you are to give it unconditionally.

Some people break pure hearts even without meaning to.

But dearest one, you still continue to do the work. You strive to shine, to show up, to stoke the fire at your hearth and keep it from going out, to love–because that is who you are.

And who you are is beautiful, worthy, and resilient a thousand times over.

Who you are is wanted and needed. 💗

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