Pink is the Color of Hope

October 7th was a day when Destiny turned on its wheels.
Hope sprung anew for many hearts and souls.
For my friend and I, it was an extraordinary blessed day filled with signs and synchronicities.
We cried in joy and gratitude, mixed with a little fear.
For me it was the first time in a long while I was struck speechless by the guiding hand of the Divine.
I can feel the rumblings of deep change bursting to be set free.
It’s like a dragon kept in chains inside a cold crypt all these years, it might as well be blind.
It’s had enough of the darkness and yearns to feel the warmth of the light again,
to see colors exploding like fireworks before its very eyes.
One day it will claw its way into freedom.
Today is merely the start of an uphill battle.
We all have our parts to play, like queens and pawns in a war room.
We cannot shout victory yet until all the pieces are in play and every player has dealt their hand.
But for now, we claim the victory of a first step–a new cycle of casting fears and differences aside,
of finding our voices again and waking up our sleeping strength.
We accept the challenge to fight for a common cause–to fight for love and with love.
Because that’s the only war that matters–to fight for the ones we love.
We look forward to joining hands and claiming checkmate for a better Philippines.

P.S. Lalaban ako with Leni! 🌺🌺🌺