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Bloom and Grow

Growth and transformation cannot come from old narratives you recycle and resurrect again and again. When you pick off dead leaves from your plants, you throw them away or let them become a part of your compost. That’s a natural end to their purposeful life. You don’t change your mind and return dead leaves to your plants–dead leaves have no purpose anymore and carry the risk of infecting your healthy plants with disease or leaching nutrients off of them.

Let the old and what was rest peacefully in the past. From a new perspective comes new growth and possibilities–new doors that open to you and new paths that suddenly become available to you that aren’t possible when you stay stuck in the past.

Don’t allow dead leaves to spoil your roots and dampen your growth. You still have life left in you to bloom and grow into gifts and blessings. You contain seeds of light you can plant whenever and wherever you choose. 🌻

Affirmation: “I’ve let ____ go. Now I am in the flow.”