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Dearest Beloved,

Set me up again with the beautiful soul who recognizes the spark of the Divine in her,
the one who believes in Big Magic in every day things,
the one who isn’t afraid to love,
to open her arms wide to surrendering,
to take a leap of faith into detours unknown,
the one who makes joy her compass.

If I falter, send for your army and best guides, throw out flares and synchronicities.
Draw hearts in clouds and rainbows in puddles, flash me 1111 and signs in 3s.
Send me coins from heaven and feathers blown by the wind.
Time birds flying in formation whenever I search the skies for hope.
Show me dancing butterflies and buzzing bees when I least expect it,
tell my moth friends to surprise me with a visit.
Remind me again and again that you are in everyone and everywhere–
I know, but some days I let fear overwhelm me, and I need your pep talks then–
to lift the spirit and tap into the heart–the center of everything,
that trips the haywire of inner knowing
that tells me that you are with me, and I am with you,
that we are One, we are connected,
always. 💖



Sometimes you just need to soften and allow what needs to happen, happen.
Ride the wave and
go with the flow.
Resisting is a struggle and drains my spirit.
I’m so tired of running away,
of using force to fuel ego,
of lying in bed with fear.

I am back in my sunflower bathing suit,
lying on my back on a slab of rock in a quiet spot at the beach.
My face is turned up to the sun, naked as a sunflower always looking towards the light.
I don’t need sunglasses for this.
I hear the swishing and swirling of calm waves, water lapping against my thighs–nature’s intimate kiss.
I have no fear of getting sunburnt or salt water stinging my eyes.
It’s just me–birds, sun, sky, sea, and breeze, and the song of the Divine lulling me to sleep.
I am in safe hands.
All is well.

Affirmation: I am open to whatever needs to happen for my highest good. I trust that the Divine has my back, always. 🌻