You deserve someone who holds your love with reverence and respect. Someone who will never betray your confidence.

You deserve someone who has the courage to face their own truths. Someone who makes their own decisions without giving their power away.

You deserve someone brave enough to step up for their love. Someone who sees your worth, that they will fight to meet you as an equal.

Remember: You have always known you are capable of great love. You don’t deserve anyone or anything less. 🌟

Image credit: Alexander Andrews @ Unsplash

I am the Universe

I am power, I am magic
I am light and love and passion
I am beauty, joy, and bliss
I am fathomless as the sea, infinite as the stars
I am one with the Universe in me.

I can handle anything that comes my way
I dance through life unencumbered by anyone
Fear doesn’t rule me
Expectations do not have a hold on me
My love has the power to light the way
I am free to be who I want to be.

I have no regrets, I have nothing to hide
I speak my truths, I live in my authenticity
I have lioness courage in me
I love with a pure and brave heart
I dance to the beat of the Universe and my own drum.

Image credit: Greg Rakozy @ Unsplash


Nobody told me how to navigate this kind of love
We will be explorers, pioneers in a wild frontier
We can stake our claim–
everything new and nervous and blushing
Something out of the books I’ve read.
How could it be any different when it’s love?
Only–we wouldn’t be exchanging rings in front of an altar
But solemn vows we would whisper to each other,
Within the walls of our paradise

Like a Moth to a Flame

Thrust into the limelight with my words,
I didn’t ask for that
but it gave me you.
No denying it drew us to each other–
like a moth to a flame
And here’s the truth:
No matter what happens,
I can only be grateful
for it has shown me how much
I am capable of loving
not just anyone,
but someone worth my poetry.