Songs from my playlist: Laguna

Laguna :: Sampaguita

An OPM classic I recently discovered. Sure, I’ve heard this song on the radio since I was a kid, but I’m only appreciating it now. I could listen to this all day because it instantly lifts me up and makes me happy. It’s one of my go-to pick-me-up songs.

Laguna is a place, but for me in this song, it’s more of a state of being. This song pulls me into the more philosophical and spiritual interpretation. Laguna being a state of spiritual enlightenment–when you’ve transcended the 3D plane, or at least, set it aside for a while to just enjoy the moment without getting stuck in the trappings of daily living that involves routines, responsibilities, chores, work, and bills. It doesn’t even matter where you are at the moment–you can be in a secluded shady spot by the beach, or in the midst of your quiet time alone in your own room. What matters is that you get to that place where there is peace and you feel connected to the Universe–one with everything around you. Then you get to rejuvenate and realign yourself so that when you’re finally ready to go back to the physical world again, you feel stronger–a better version of yourself who’s ready to face anything life throws at you.

Songs from my playlist: Light My Fire

Light My Fire (1968) :: José Feliciano

I grew up knowing José Feliciano’s version of Light My Fire was the original. We have a CD of oldies music I used to play every Sunday, and Light My Fire was one of my favorites. Then just a few years ago, I learned this was a cover version, and that the original was by the iconic rock group, The Doors. When I heard the original, it was confirmed without a doubt–José Feliciano’s version was still the best for me.

Sorry Jim Morrison and The Doors, but like José Feliciano’s cover version, slow and sweet wins my heart. ❤

Light My Fire was the first ever hit single by The Doors. It was released in 1967 and went on to become the band’s signature song and best-selling record. Riding on the success and popularity of the song, José Feliciano did a cover a year later. His was a truly inspired, jazzy version with a unique Latin flavor, a flute arrangement, and a seductive guitar riff showing off Feliciano’s fingering skills. I’m very partial to seductive and impeccable guitar riffs (That headbang-inducing electric guitar riff in Sweet Child O’Mine by Guns N’ Roses is still at the top of my list). I love listening to this with the volume almost cranked full, earphones in, and with my eyes closed. Yes. That’s the best way to savor Light My Fire.

Source: Tim’s Cover Story

Songs from my playlist: Small Song

I’ve been wanting to do a music/song playlist-themed post for quite some time now. I love music. I love singing and dancing along to songs that move me. Like writing, music is also therapy for me. When I need to process thoughts and feelings, or whenever I just feel like retreating into my inner world (also to tune out bothersome people and energy vampires haha), I only need to get to my playlist and the right songs will find me; or I will find them. I feel happy when I get to share the songs I love with people who might appreciate them too. Song choices are very personal, and whatever meaning, emotion, and inspiration I derive from any song would be different for every other person who hears it.

I feel like now’s the right time to do a song post. I’ll be posting a music video of my chosen song for the week, or whenever I feel inspired to. For my first Songs From My Playlist post, it was a toss-up between a lesser-known song by an obscure British indie band, Emily and The Woods, and Dido’s acoustic version of No Freedom. I felt more pulled towards Emily and The Woods today.

Small Song is just a short song at 2 mins and 10 seconds, but it’s so vulnerable and powerful at the same time. It has everything I would want to say to a person I love–all the hopes and fears of a newfound love. Wanting to trust, and wanting reassurance for the trust you’re willing to give. It’s short, sweet, and deep.

This is not the band’s most popular song, though. That would be Steal His Heart, which I discovered way back in late 2011. A quick background on the band for the uninitiated: Emily and The Woods is composed of London-born singer and songwriter Emily Wood, with guitarist brother Benedict Wood, Sam Brown on bass, and Dave Bush on drums. How would I describe their sound/vibe? It’s folksy, youthful, nostalgic, and vulnerable. I’m drawn to unique, whimsical, and hypnotic voices like Emily Wood’s that transport me to another world where I can experience and feel the music. I hope someone else who comes across this song and this band will also love them.

Next week, it’ll be all about Dido. That’s unless I feel drawn to another song entirely. Enjoy!

Small Song (2012) :: Emily and The Woods
Image credit: Emily and The Woods Official FB Page