WAKANDA FOREVER: Love never dies

⚠️ Trigger warning: death, loss, grief

I gotta hand it to Marvel–they know how to weave in universal themes that tie in seamlessly with the story and tugs at one’s heart at the same time.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is a meditation on loss, grief, empathy, and the power of a love that never dies. Grief stops us in our tracks and puts everything else in suspension. It requires us to pause and stand still, to be present as we move through all the emotions, thoughts, and memories of our departed loved one.

My biggest takeaway is this: We never truly lose the ones we love who have passed on. They never cease to exist after death. They transform. They linger with us in our hearts long after they have touched the ground or returned to ashes, past the 40 days of mourning and well beyond the years of missing them. We may be parted from their physical presence, but a spark of their soul, their love and warmth stay imprinted on us indefinitely. Their love is what we take with us, what moves us and shapes us for the rest of our lives. This is the power of a love that never dies. 💞

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