Sometimes you just need to soften and allow what needs to happen, happen.
Ride the wave and
go with the flow.
Resisting is a struggle and drains my spirit.
I’m so tired of running away,
of using force to fuel ego,
of lying in bed with fear.

I am back in my sunflower bathing suit,
lying on my back on a slab of rock in a quiet spot at the beach.
My face is turned up to the sun, naked as a sunflower always looking towards the light.
I don’t need sunglasses for this.
I hear the swishing and swirling of calm waves, water lapping against my thighs–nature’s intimate kiss.
I have no fear of getting sunburnt or salt water stinging my eyes.
It’s just me–birds, sun, sky, sea, and breeze, and the song of the Divine lulling me to sleep.
I am in safe hands.
All is well.

Affirmation: I am open to whatever needs to happen for my highest good. I trust that the Divine has my back, always. 🌻


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