😇 The Angel Connection 😇

When I was 10 and 11, I was asked to be the angel in the Salubong–the Easter procession in a parish where the church statues of Jesus and Mary are carried from opposite directions until they meet in front of the church as a symbolic re-enactment of Mary meeting the resurrected Christ.

Tita Flor (active parishioner): Iha, sabihin mo sa mama mo pwede ka mag-angel sa Salubong. Bukas ng hapon, may practice. (That was after assessing me from head to toe. Little kids are best for the job, I guess. And I was tiny for a 10/11-year old.)

Sinabihan ko nanay ko, but no, ayaw niya. Delikado raw kahit may harness. Baka raw mahulog ako at mabagok ang ulo. What a tragic end. I was afraid of heights, but I really wanted to be an angel in the Salubong. Wala naman akong dialog na kelangang imemorize, at para na rin akong nakalipad kung natuloy, diba?

I also thought wearing an angel costume and participating in an annual tradition was cool. That may have been shot, but at least I got to be the sole angel in the Nativity play when I was in kindergarten. Kudos to Lola Nanay in heaven who created my beautiful costume (complete with fluffy cotton wings and a silver foil halo) from scratch.



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