Forgiveness and love is the key 🗝️

It’s hard to forgive someone who has hurt you and betrayed your trust when all you’ve ever given was kindness and love. I could choose to be angry for a lifetime–to be resentful, to mistrust anyone who offers me anything willingly out of their own cup of love. But to continue to be angry, sad, and resentful drains a lot of energy from me–energy I could use instead to building a life that I love in service to a higher calling every day–to joy and purpose, to receiving and sharing love that flows freely from those who are here with me already and those who show how much they want to stay.

This is my prayer and offering:

I forgive you.

I accepted you in love and I release you with love. 🌹

I accept and honor the love I have shared with you–a love that has nourished me, expanded my happiness, and allowed me to grow until I couldn’t anymore. Thank you for being what I needed for the time I needed it. Now, I release you with love and gratitude so I can open myself up to new nourishment that I need to continue to grow and expand, to fortify my roots. I release you so you too can continue to grow and flow the way you are guided to.

This is my offering for today.
I forgive you.
I release my love with you.
Thank you.
I hope you can forgive yourself too.
And so it is.

Image credit: @dreamy_moons 🌕

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