I trust the journey of my life.
I release the inky tendrils of fears desperate to blind and claw their way at me.
I release thoughts, doubts, and anxieties that poison the mind and the blood.
I have no room for self-destruction, no reason to hide away my face, my power, my authenticity.
I am bigger than any trigger.
I choose to sit still in the garden of my soul–
To come from a place of love and compassion, instead of hurt and ego.
I release broken shards of the past cutting my skin and drawing blood, that have remained until now.
After enduring the pain, there is healing and an inevitable blossoming.
From this moment onwards, there is only union within myself and with the divine.
There is the beauty of now and what I make of it–gratitude, creation and possibilities.
There is faith, hope, and love.

~ I trust the journey of my life. ~

Photo by: Lea Vergara Apilado (Road to Masasa Beach, Tingloy Island, Batangas, 2018)

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