A prayer for today

Dear Beloved,

Allow me to see with the eyes of love and compassion.
Things may not be what I want them to be right now, but give me the courage to let go.
I may not have all the answers I am seeking now,
but in going within and surrendering further, lead me to the wisdom and guidance that I need.
Soften the hard, jagged pieces left in my heart and purify my mind that I may be reborn anew.
Help me clear the clutter so you have the space you need to co-create with me.
Whenever I falter or take a step back to old ways, remind me that Union and Oneness is within me.
I am where I need to be.
Everything that happens is for my growth and all paths I take would lead me home.
Strengthen my faith and trust so that I may continue to tend to the hearth within me and move forward in my journey with hope and love.


Growing up in a predominantly Catholic school, we wrote prayers as part of our Christian Living class tests and seatwork. I remember enjoying that part because it was one of the ways I could flex how good I was with writing. But it was more for ego and show than writing what poured from my heart and soul.

These days, my personal relationship with prayer has changed a lot. Before, I only asked for what I wanted and was so attached to my projected outcome that I always ended up disappointed when of course, I didn’t get what I wanted. I was using prayer as a crutch to get me where I wanted and thought I deserved to be, not where I needed to be. And also with little thought to what’s best for me and everyone else involved. Again, feeding ego.

So many things have happened since the past year alone that tested my faith and challenged everything I believed in. But prayer has become more of a constant and guiding light. This is what prayer is for me now: a heart-to-heart conversation with the Divine. Praying is a state of accepting what was and surrendering to what is, so that I can make room for possibilities and co-create the future. The spirit of prayer requires total trust and surrender that whatever comes my way is the best answer for me. That even though I don’t like what happens, that may be the answer necessary to push me to make the changes I need or to take a moment to choose how best to respond to the situation. There are always answers when you choose to see it. And there is always something to learn. Prayer keeps me grounded and reminds me to be present in the moment. It’s my umbilical cord to the Divine. 💖

Image credit: Todd Rhines @ Unsplash

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