For Now

Sometimes the best you can do for someone you love is to pray for their health, safety, and well-being.

Especially at this time when all you want to do is to hug them, keep them as physically close to you as possible, to cook your special chicken sopas or kalabasa soup for them. All the little things you can do that may seem trite, but always coming from a spirit of unconditional love. If only you can invite them over to stay for a while and share a companionable afternoon talking about anything other than this pandemic, all while enjoying a cup of tsokolate and a slice of lemon cake fresh from the oven.

Maybe someday.
I hope, someday

You cannot promise them a better tomorrow, but for now, you can offer your love, prayers, and well-wishes. Gather all of them up and send them flying to God, the Universe, the Divine, on angel wings of peace. Then let go.

Let all that remains be trust and faith.

Photo by: Lea Vergara Apilado (“Soup is Love”, 2015)

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