Through the Fire

When you love, sometimes all you need is to hold space for your loved one. Surrender to the flow of the feelings, the experiences, the moments.

What I learned is to not hold on to the outcome or a specific outcome. And instead, be open to accept whatever comes–to embody the willingness to surrender.

I embrace who I am. I know what I want.
If I would be blessed to be with someone, I want us to choose each other. Not assert “I saw you first”, “I love you more”, or I love you because you do this for me. Love doesn’t need to be dissected in dissertations or explained in koans. Sometimes it’s knowing you aren’t perfect, feeling unworthy sometimes, being scared of the unknown and everything you have yet to face together and separately, but in spite all of that, wanting with all of your heart to give it a shot. Because not doing so would mean giving up on a precious part of yourself too. It’s knowing that I want someone who would look at me even on the most difficult days with eyes that say I am worth it.

P.S. For anyone who has ever loved and offered their heart to another with so much trust and bravery…

I know this much is true: Some day, someone will go through the fire and offer their heart to you. 🔥🔥

Image credit: Chris Rhoads @ Unsplash

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