Delicate sensuality

The small butterfly
moves as though unburdened by
the world of desire
–Kobayashi Issa

I experience the sensual in the simplest things: in the distinct smell of damp earth after a light rain, in the sensation of a cool breeze caressing my skin, in the taste of perfectly red and luscious strawberries dipped in sugar, in an emotionally charged song playing in the background, in a lyrical piece of prose or poetry, even in the way my hair tumbles down to my shoulders in soft waves. I savor each and every experience of seemingly simple and mundane things, and I feel as if my senses are becoming sharper somehow, more attuned to what’s happening all around. I imagine they’re all the more grateful for being able to serve their purposes at a more heightened, deeper level.

Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn’t encourage this at all, but then I think why not? Why have the cool breeze that brings tingles to your skin, the smell of damp earth that evokes fond childhood memories, music that makes you dance and sing along, things of beauty and wonder, words that inspire you and enliven your soul if you cannot enjoy them? If it makes you happy, why not find that spark of sensuality in your daily life?

I, for one, welcome it unabashedly and find that most of the time it inspires creativity. It has inspired me in the things I write and want to write, in the things I do and want to do. It inspires me to get up and welcome the new day and everything that it brings, and it’s what prompts me at the end of the day to enjoy my solitude and reflect on what has passed. It inspires me in loving those whom I love and in growing closer to know myself better day by day. 🌹

Written: April 20, 2009
Image credit: Annie Spratt @ Unsplash

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