She Walks in Beauty

Her name was Bernadette. And she was unlike any woman I’ve seen. I liked her and wanted to be like her at the same time. She was a mystery in motion with Bette Davis eyes. She was a femme fatale in black stockings and black pumps. She was Lord Byron’s best of dark and bright. And at 13, I was smitten.

My heart skipped a beat when I caught her perfume in the air. Everyone parted for her like the Red Sea. And she just kept on going, oblivious. I soared like a shining little star under her gaze. I wanted to please her. I wanted to be adored by her most of all.

Here is the secret I uncovered from her:
You have to tell yourself you are confident, you are beautiful, as many times as you need to before you even believe it. And one day, you will not need to tell it to yourself because you are already it. You are confident, you are beautiful. There is power in your allure, but first, you need to find it in you. And when you do, you never give it away.


P.S. This writing is dedicated to and inspired by one of the women I admired and was greatly influenced by when I was in my teens. My 13-year-old self saw her as an ideal of a strong, confident, and beautiful woman. And yet, someone who was also full of mystery and allure at the same time. I was fascinated. She inspired me to break down my walls of shyness, awkward inhibition, and fear of embarassing myself in front of my peers, to let the real me have fun in expressing myself and just allow whatever flows out. She saw something special in me and that inspired me to be brave and to embrace my uniqueness.

This is part of a series I am inspired to write and offer for Women’s Month. And I am calling it “For Her, By Her”. Enjoy! 🌹

Image credit: Sarah Ball @ Unsplash

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