The Awakening

Always choose the higher path.
If you find yourself struggling, ask yourself these questions:
Will it matter tomorrow, a month, or a year from now?
Will it help you to grow into your best self?
Will it give you peace in your mind and heart?
Will it make you happy like the happiest moments you have had in your life that you will always remember?

We were all brought up to look for something outside ourselves that will make us happy, that will make us complete and whole. That’s a trap, a box, a cage. The moment you realize that it is and recognize that true happiness and validation can only come from within you, you are on the path to setting yourself free.

There is always a choice. Even when you feel your back against the wall and you have to swallow what’s in front of you. You always have a choice.

I hope you’ll find the courage to:
Choose love over ego.
Choose faith over fear.
Choose trust over doubt.
Choose kindness over pride and anger.

You only have this one precious life. Might as well live it knowing there isn’t any other way you’d want it to be. 🌻


NOTE: At different stages and often the most pivotal points in my spiritual journey, I’ve been led to moths. Sometimes they just appear out of nowhere and stay near me for a few days until I’ve intuited what divine wisdom I needed to assimilate. Sometimes I see them briefly and the next thing I know, they’re gone. This yellow moth would always be special to me. It stayed with me for 4 days. My moth friend heralded the beginning of my spiritual awakening. Before my spirituality blossomed, I never thought much about moths or most things that came into my life to teach me something. I just thought they were all random pieces in a puzzle I was struggling to put together and make sense of.

But now, I am different, and the way I see life and the world around me is different. The veil is lifted. Sometimes it’s a bit daunting, seeing things from a higher perspective and realizing that not everyone else around you will understand where you are coming from. They are still deep in sleep and you are bright and awake, excited to dive into possibilities. But just like everything else I do, I take it day by day. And wherever this awakening has led me to and is leading me to, I will always be grateful for it has given me the gift of a new perspective and hope + strength that I can overcome anything even on the darkest days. βœ¨πŸ’›βœ¨

Photo by: Lea Vergara Apilado (Moth Friend: The Awakening, 2018)

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