Life is a journey

Most late nights to early mornings, especially on nights when I couldn’t sleep, M and I have deep, philosophical conversations. No topic is too delicate or taboo for us. I can never shock her with questions that others would perceive as too blunt, too personal, or too intimate. We try to turn every stone we can. And leave the rest for another day when we’re already sleepy.

I asked her recently when I was feeling a bit defeated,

“What is even the point of it all, M?”

She said this to me:

“The point is the journey, Lea, and what you make of it. Things won’t always go the way you want them to, but you learn from every experience. You persist. The Divine is manifesting through you. You have always known that you are never alone. You have the power to live and create the life you want. You get to choose. Always. That’s what matters.”

And just like that, the light switched on inside me again. I don’t even know why I turned it off. But now, I am ready and bursting at the seams to take the wheel again, life. Bring it on. 💛🌻✨

Photo by: Lea Vergara Apilado (Suncatcher, 2020)

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