Lessons From a Tower Moment

“A broken heart is an open heart.”

Even if someone gave me a time machine and a chance to undo what I’ve done, I wouldn’t take it. Why would I? I would do it all over again because it is my truth. I have no regrets, no guilt, no shame. And I have you to thank for. I want you to know that it was you who broke all my expectations of what love should look or be like. That love can be pure and unconditional and unexpected. You inspired me to continue working at my masterpiece–to write the best story of my life. And although there was pain, there was also immeasurable joy–all of it only led me back to my true self. It was part of my journey to coming back home to the beautiful person I have come to know more intimately and learned to love unconditionally. All of it paved the way for my soul to grow.

I believe love is a choice made more meaningful and powerful with actions–by sharing it, rather than just letting it remain a feeling. It was my choice to love you in my quiet, sincere ways. I would never revoke that choice. I would never betray you. And now it is my choice to forgive you–for myself, to heal and grow from this.

This love never made me bitter. It has broken me open and refined me into a stronger, better, braver person. It has opened me up to more love. 💗


NOTE: One of my favorite ancient spiritual teachers–the Sufi poet and mystic, Rumi said: “The wound is the place where the light enters you.”

When I first heard it, I thought I knew what it meant, albeit from a detached perspective of a mere observer and outsider. But now…I understand. I know it more intimately because I am living it.

Wounds are openings to lessons. Wounds can either break you further or build you up. It’s up to you how you see it and use it. It is always up to you. In life, you cannot avoid getting wounded and hurt, multiple times even. But what matters ultimately is what you do with it. Would you let it ruin you or would you let it grow you? I choose to let the light in, to learn what I need to learn from it and let the wound grow me. ✨💛🌻

Image credit: Jamie Street @ Unsplash

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