Food is edible love

“Food is sensuality writ edible, and cooking is a supreme form of seduction. Understanding the alchemy of basic elements and knowing how to make things from scratch has more long-term sensual import than one might imagine. It suggests an ability to seize the moment; to please and to pleasure easily. It implies the capacity to approach life with a certain improvised flair so that when love walks in the room, it can be fed.”

–What French Women Know About Love, Sex and Other Matters of the Heart and Mind (Debra Ollivier)

Food is one way I get to express my creativity, passion, and love. I don’t just go through the motions of cooking and baking. I do it with intention.

A friend once asked me what’s the secret to my special lemon loaf.

I said, “LOVE”.

Not so cheesy at all, and it’s true. I have an abundant supply of it and it’s inexpensive too.

I never cook or bake when I’m angry, too sad, distracted, sick, or in a bad mood. It will ruin the food. I learned that already from experience. Some results were inedible.

No matter whether I’ve done it for the first time or a hundred times, whatever I’m feeling at the time of cooking or baking gets imprinted onto the food. If I’m feeling light and happy, the results are not only delicious–they’re nourishing. If I’m feeling off and low-key, something will go wrong. I’m not projecting some magical realism trope here (Hello, Laura Esquivel!), that’s just how it is.

Putting food on the table and sharing food I made with someone else is sacred for me. I dive into cooking and baking with all of my senses and give it all my attention the way I would to a loved one. I flow into the process without rushing it. I am in zen mode. I take my sweet time and treat it with reverence and respect. Like the way I do most things I love in life–slow and sweet. 💕

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