I realized lately that you can miss some people, places, and experiences without wanting them back. You can even miss old versions of you and still be grateful they were all a part of your life for a time.

But you are different. I think a part of me would always miss you. There’s this little corner in my heart that’s reserved only for you. I would be that girl who loves you in spirit. And you would be the one who would always wonder what if…

That you went through so much trouble tells me it wasn’t nothing. No one would go through all that for nothing. And since I’m not just anyone, I understand. I understand more than you think I do even with little to no exchange of words. I just do. And though you don’t give anything away, I know your heart hurts as much as mine does.

Even after everything, I just want you to be happy. Because that’s the kind of person I am. I am a writer but I couldn’t even explain the hows and whys of it all in words. I just know I fell in love with your soul, not with possibilities. 💗

Photo by: Lea Vergara Apilado (Sunrise at Tingloy Island, Batangas, 2018)

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