Drop the oars and forget the struggle. You cannot control everything, so let go. Surrender to the flow of your own unfolding. Dance through life like your inner child who knows she is magic and the world is a fertile ground for manifesting dreams and desires.

You will not have all the answers at once but you will find what it is you need at the right time. And that will be enough. Trust in the wisdom of your own inner guide. It has never led you to ruin, only to paths that propel you to divine growth and transformation.

Be open to opportunities to be molded into who you were always meant to be. You are a leader of your own life, the writer of your own story, a teacher of the soul. You are a beacon of hope, a pillar of strength, a haven of love. Go forth and spread your wings.

Fly and flow. πŸ’—πŸ¦‹πŸŒ 

Image credit: USGS @ Unsplash

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