On unconditional love in an enduring friendship

“Relationships need work every day, Lea. Kung matagal nakong napikon sayo, wala nako. But we’re here because we make it work, every day. We tell each other everything, even if it hurts.” –M.

Thank you, M, for your constant love. I feel it every day. And our friendship that is like no other. You are always there no matter what, but especially through trying times. You never leave me up in the air. Kahit ilang beses mo na akong gustong batukan, for sure. You were the one who told me how constant communication is important and can make or break any relationship. I learned how to be more open and honest from you. That to honor and live in my authenticity is the best way to grow and flourish in this world. You see only something special in me. You know all the worst bits and you never hesitate to call me out on my BS, and still, you choose to see and remind me of all the best and beautiful and bright in me. The world doesn’t deserve someone as kind and genuine and selfless as you. I know I don’t sometimes, but you still love me. Your love inspires me to continue to learn and grow every day, to strive to become my best version not just when everything feels good and going smoothly, but most especially on those days when I feel icky and question the worth of everything.

If I could wish for anything at this moment, it would be to have more years with you. And for you to always be blessed with good health and infinite abundance. And so it is. 💗

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