Love in the Matrix

I hope you won’t let the world you operate in shape you permanently–a world where power is currency and success is measured by titles and how much you make in a year. A world still dominated by men who make the decisions and women have to play by their rules if they want to rise up in the ranks. I do not care for all of those. I care for your own happiness and health. For success that you didn’t pay for by stepping on another. For you to realize you have wings and you can use them to soar. That you can have both what you want and what wants you back. I do not love you for your worth in society’s measure. I love you as you are, stripped bare of all the worldly glamor. I love you for the love you have for me.

Written: 01-21-2021

Image credit: Akshay Nanavati (@anphotos) on Unsplash

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