Lucid dreaming

I’ve been dreaming of you a lot lately. Maybe the angels heard my prayer. To let you into my dreams because in dreams we can be together without a hitch or a pesky but well-meaning chaperone. These dreams feel so real and vivid that sometimes I wonder if you’re having the same dreams too. In dreams we talk a lot–sometimes it feels like we can talk for hours without running out of things to share with each other. You always find me fascinating and I always find it an exciting challenge to gently coax you out of your shell. Sometimes we’d share an intimate quiet moment and that would be enough. We’d just look into each other’s eyes and know without having to speak a word. In dreams we could hold hands forever and you’re proud to show me off a bit–she’s my girl! And I am always tickled pink to shine with you by my side.

Image credit: Jr Korpa (@korpa) on Unsplash

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