I am proud of who you are and what you have achieved–long years of hard work and dedication.
But most of all, I am proud of your true heart.
For the rare glimpses of it I have been blessed to see and know and feel.
Those moments you didn’t doubt, and went to meet me halfway.
For braving what you did for a chance to see me
On a night my heart was heavy with grief and couldn’t take anything else–
You were there and I saw you.
You were radiant, and you took the words right out of me.
I never expected that but it woke something in me, something long-buried but had always been there.
Something I hid, that scared me more than anything.
Something not a soul knew until I accepted it.
This love–that fills my cup to the brim and more
Transcending separation and silence–
Your love lights up my soul, and I hope my love lights up yours.

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