More often than not, it’s the ones closest to you that trigger core wounds you need to heal. Family, friends, a lover, or a spouse. They might be the ones who inflicted the wounds, or the ones who stripped off the Band-Aid, exposing old wounds and leaving them vulnerable to re-infection. Sometimes, they can also be guilty of doing both.

Whatever core wounds you need to heal, no matter how deep the cuts go, know that these wounds don’t diminish your worth and your light. There isn’t any Essence of Dittany or Lucy’s Healing Cordial (I wish there were!) that can magically cure all ills, especially those stemming from childhood.

But you are a powerful healer. You can trigger healing within you when you access that place where unconditional love still resides. Once you do, roads to healing magically open up to you. Only you can choose and discover what works for you. It may take awhile, healing always does, and you might think you’re not progressing much, but keep at it. Some days you’ll be fine and forget everything, and other days, it all comes back and hurts like hell. Just keep at it. One day you’ll get to the point where you don’t need to put a band-aid on it anymore. And where there once were wounds, now there are only scars–reminders of what you survived.

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