Trust is a delicate dance

Trust is such a fragile thing. I don’t even know why I bother sometimes. Why I always put my heart out on the line only to get hurt and disappointed. I heal and then I do it all over again, knowing that at some point I will get hurt. But to live fully is also to love, and to love means to open yourself up to immense joy and equally immense suffering. If you never trust and take the risk to love, you’ll never grow and learn how to be true and vulnerable with someone. You’ll be stuck as you are, where you are–safe on the shore with skin-deep relationships. You’ll never find out how deep you can go with another person. You’ll never find out if you can soar.

But some day, someone will spark a light in you with just a look, a few words, or an embrace you never saw coming. And at that moment you just have a feeling you will never be the same person you were moments before impact. You would give your trust-wrapped heart on a silver platter and think it will be enough.

It will be for a time. But one person doing all the giving cannot sustain a love no matter how blessed it is. It needs an equal give and take of trust. Trust is a delicate dance between two souls who finally decide to be brave.

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