Stellar Dreams

There is a secret drawer that rattles, restless and fitful

If I open it just a crack, dreams within might simply vanish into thin air.

I can see everything with the inward eye–

how you held me with a longing and gentleness

no one else has done before or since

Warm and steady as I’ll always remember it.

The violent shakings are a nuisance

But that moment is still as vivid and dear to me.

Would that everything fall into place and we are free–

to roam every chamber, every nook and cranny of our dreams.

Where kisses turn into bliss

and whispers weave poetry

We feed on them and have our fill

All the eventide until the sun peaks

And even then I’ll be your Star, your ethereal light

The constant in your chaotic life.


Image credit: Aperture Vintage on Unsplash

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