Love Comes Softly

 I don’t happen to be in the business of 

falling in love with the changing of the seasons 

Love came softly for me, and so slowly 

I woke up one day and found Love outside a chapel, 

in a moment that brought me to my knees 

Love was the quiet type and didn’t talk much 

But Love was true to the letter, always 

Love was kind and selfless when hope was wearing thin 

Love appreciated every little thing I did 

Love didn’t answer right away, but sent me messages when I least expected it 

Love was shy when I was fierce 

Love was aloof when I was an open book 

Love doubted when I believed 

But when we looked into each other’s eyes all we saw was Truth and Beauty 

And even though Love didn’t stay and didn’t answer one day, 

Love has never left my heart since 

Love has opened my eyes and blasted my door wide to possibilities 

Love has planted seeds of hope

Love has inspired me to write poetry again 

Love has taught me to be patient and wait for the real thing 

Love has ushered me back into the arms of the Universe 

And though we’re not together, 

I still let Love go because that’s what you do

when Love means the world to you  

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